A good video game puts a spell on its players and absorbs them in the world of the game. A bad translation can break that spell. By localizing your mobile, computer, or browser-based game for an English-speaking audience, you can enchant millions of new players. My expertise in both localization and literary translation can bring a unique perspective to recreating your video game’s story, world, and characters in English.

Localization requires translating not just language, but culture too. Reach a wider audience by adapting your website, social media, mobile apps, and software for English-speaking audiences. I provide quality localization that makes users feel like your product was made just for them. I also offer internationalization, which prepares an English text for translation into multiple other languages.


Translation that keeps up with the latest tech: I specialize in the field of technology, including technical translations related to computer hardware and software, mobile devices and consumer electronics, information technology, and help guides and user manuals. I also provide accurate translations of business documents of all types, including reports, marketing materials, and contracts.



I’m a native speaker of U.S. English who has studied the Russian language for almost a decade. I hold a Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies and a Master’s degree in Russian from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before becoming a full-time translator, I taught both Russian language and English writing courses at the college and high-school levels. I’m a member of the American Translators Association and the American Literary Translators Association.

In addition to localization, technology, and business, I have a passion for translating texts in the fields of education, arts and culture, travel, food, and music. My other services include English-language editing and proofreading and terminology research services. In my free time, I enjoy translating Russian fiction and poetry. 


“We are working with Morgan on two game projects (Matchland and Bake a Cake). He translates the game texts wonderfully: he doesn’t just do a translation, but tries to convey the character of the player. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and can gladly recommend this translator.” – Milamit

American Translators Association Member

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